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Interested In Becoming An Agent?

Published / by jenny

So if you’re interesting in becoming a real estate agent, I decided to carve a piece of this website out for you. As I stated before in the welcome post…I used to be a real estate agent. To be more precise, I used to be a Realtor. You may be thinking to yourself “What’s the difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor?” Well there are some differences and we will start this off by getting right into that.

A Realtor and real estate agent both do the same exact job. They find clients that need their house sold and/or need to buy a house and they help them buy or sell. They both have to have to take the same mandatory classes and pass the same type of test to obtain a license. Once the classes have been taken and the test has been passed, they both have to hang their license under a broker in order for them to legally represent somebody to buy and/or sell their house.

So what is the main difference? Ladies and gentleman, can I get a drum-roll please…the difference is the fact that a Realtor is a member of the National Association of REALTORS and an agent is not. That means that a Realtor has to abide and obey the Realtor code of ethics. Now before you let that scare you, I truly believe that even as a real estate agent, these are more or less common sense rules to do business by. You do dirt in this business, you get dirt. When you treat people fairly, you will see it translate to money and referral business. I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent, but I did want to clear up a point.

Are there any advantages to being a Realtor as apposed to an agent. Well, yes and no. If you come into the business and you are the former, you will automatically have access to a bigger network pool and different tools that you may not have access to otherwise. As I already said, you will be required to uphold the code of ethics and you may also look and seem a little more professional and trustworthy to a potential client. But believe me when I say that this is not a necessity to become ridiculously successful in this industry.

Some of the disadvantages are the costs involved. Realtors have to usually pay a fee twice a year to maintain status. And it’s not so easy to just say you want to stop being one. The reason you become a Realtor in the first place is because the broker that you put your license under is one. The only way to not be one is to find a brokerage that is not part of the association of Realtors. Makes sense right?

I truly believe that extent that you succeed in this arena is based on you and your determination. You don’t need to be a Realtor or even get your license for that matter. But you could always try it out and see if it fits with your model. If it doesn’t, just drop it and move on.

While this is no exhaustive, this is a decent starting point to determine which route you want to take when you get involved in this business. I wish you the best with whatever you decide to do and I hope that we will be able to help some more along the way. Take care.

Make Yourself At Home

Published / by jenny

Hello and welcome! I am going to take these first few articles and talk about real estate. In this particular post, I will discuss FSBO’s along with some other real estate niches. FSBO’s or “for sale by owner” houses are houses that are sold without a Realtor being involved. I am in no way going to knock Realtors in these posts because there are some really good real estate agents out there. They have helped a lot of people and they have also made a good living for themselves doing it. And I think that is only fair.

Understanding that, there are time when using a Realtor wouldn’t be your best move. There are times when a real estate agent is limited by what he or she is conventionally taught when it comes to buying and selling real estate. Or the brokerage that they have their license under can also limit what an agent can do for you. Trust me on this one…I used to be a Realtor.

We will discuss different routes you can take when selling your home or just finding a niche within real estate that you can use and make a business out of. To be honest with you, there are so many wells to buy and sells houses. You have lease options, which are rent to own houses. You have fixer uppers that you can buy for cheap and then turn around and sell for cheap, keeping a nifty little profit in your pockets. That is called wholesaling. You could purchase a beat down house and make it pretty again and flip it for even larger profits. You can even buy a house subject to an existing loan that is in place on the house. The list goes on and we plan on diving into this list head first to give you some good knowledge on the subject of buying and selling real estate.

Make sure that you check back regularly to get more inside information in the world of house buying and selling. If you have the bug to get into this industry you should fit right in and we invite you to go ahead and make yourself at home. I hope you have enjoyed our brief intro and we look forward to bringing you more relevant content in many days to come.